Learn About

  1. Affordable Housing

    The City of Acata operates affordable housing programs which are open to income qualified applicants.

  2. Bicycle Boulevard

    The Arcata Bicycle Boulevard's purpose is to increase bicycle use as a more viable transportation alternative and to increase awareness of their use through creation and placement of specialized signage, striping and minor, landscaped bulb outs.

  3. Crime Prevention

    The National Crime Prevention Council is a great resource for information about preventing and reducing crime in your neighborhood.

  4. Emergency Preparedness

    It is important for every family and business to be prepared for local emergencies such as fire, flood or earthquake. Find resources that will aid you as you develop your emergency plan.

  5. Energy Conservation Tips

    Energy conservation and energy efficiency are the first steps you can take to address climate change, air pollution, rising energy prices, and our dependence on fossil fuels.

  6. Garbage, Recycling & Waste Reduction

    The City continues to support waste reduction through Garbage, Recycling and Waste Reduction Programs which provide curbside trash and recycling pickup and yard waste processing.

  7. Smoke-Free Arcata Policy

    Smoking restrictions within the City of Arcata.