1. Arcata Fire District

    The Arcata Fire District serves a dynamic community that covers an area of approximately 62 square miles with a population of 36,000 residents.

  2. Building & Engineering

    Engineering is responsible for city engineers, streets, sewer and water distribution, confined drainage ways, public transportation, traffic control, parks and government buildings.

  3. City Attorney

    The City Attorney is retained by the City Council to provide general legal services to the City Council, City Manager and City Departments.

  4. City Clerk

    The City Clerk for the City of Arcata is responsible for recording and maintaining all proceedings of the City Council and City committees and commissions.

  5. City Manager

    The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for the administration of municipal affairs. All municipal departments operate under the supervision of the City Manager.

  6. Commercial Cannabis

    The City Council passed Resolution 156-40 authorizing the permitting of certain commercial medical cannabis / medical marijuana activities within the Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone. The permit is called the Commercial Cannabis Activity Permit (CCAP).

  7. Community Development

    The Community Development Department is composed of Planning, Economic Development, and Housing Divisions.

  8. Economic Development

    The Economic Development Division manages business loan programs (small and large) and the City's Foodworks Culinary Center (an incubator for small food manufacturers).

  9. Environmental Services

    The Environmental Services Department is responsible for parks, natural resources, facilities, recreation, streets/utilities and water/wastewater.

  10. Finance

    The Finance Department manages the fiscal and financial affairs of the City in a prudent and effective manner.

  11. Housing

    The Housing Division develops and manages affordable housing programs, including home ownership. It also works with affordable housing developer and development projects.

  12. Information Technology

  13. Parks & Recreation

    Arcata Recreation believes in the power of play. Anything that gets us moving, exploring, creating and learning can greatly enhance our overall quality of life.

  14. Personnel / Human Resources

    The City of Arcata is committed to attracting, retaining and developing talented, productive and motivated employees who are dedicated to delivering high-quality services to the community.

  15. Police

    The Police Department is responsible for the protection of life and property, the maintenance of order, the control and prevention of crime, and the enforcement of motor vehicle laws and regulations.

  16. Planning

    The Planning Division ensures that private and public development in the City conforms with its Land Use Code, and is involved with preservation of historic properties, environmental reviews, code violations, and other issues related to land use.