Community Development

Arcata's Community Development Department houses three separate activities that focus on sustainable growth and enhancing the City's character, availability of all types of housing, and support and growth of the City's economy.

  • Planning
  • Housing
  • Economic Development

Planning Division

The Planning Division takes care of several vital City functions.  Long range planning, which includes areas such as Land Use Code, Zoning, and elements of the City's General Plan, reflect the City Council's vision and provide the foundation for growth and character of the City.  Shorter range plans include study and prepare for issues such as Sea Level Rise.

Planning is also responsible for the implementation of the Land Use Code in permitting, design review, historic properties, and annexations.  Planners also work with regulatory environmental reviews.

Housing Division

Supporting a variety of housing opportunities in the city of Arcata is a primary goal of the City Council. The Housing Division uses grant funding and program income to develop and manages affordable housing programs, and works with the developers who create affordable housing and market rate housing.

Economic Development Division

The  Economic Development Division develops and manages business loan programs, including Business Assistance and Microenterprise loans.  These loans are generally funded through State grants to the City, so staff manage complex grant applications, grant administration, and regulations, too.


Foodworks Culinary Center 

is also part of Eonomic Development.  Foodworks is an incubator for small food manufacturers.  Food producers rent the food-grade quality facility on a monthly or per-use basis, and have use of storage and equipment necessary for the high quality foodstuffs manufactured in Arcata.  Read more about the Foodworks Culinary Center.

Successor Agency

The Successor Agency is a temporary but important part of Community Development, as the City winds down the affairs of the City's former Redevelopment Agency (all redevelopment agencies were dissolved Statewide by Governor Brown in 2012). Community Development staff work with the Successor Agency, which is overseen by the Oversight Board.