Programs & Services

  1. Automated License Plater Reader (ALPR) Policy

    The Arcata Police Department utilizes Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR’s) on some marked police vehicles. For information regarding the ALPR’s and the policy regarding the use of ALPR’s, click the title link above.

  2. Emergency Preparedness

    It is important for every family and business to be prepared for local emergencies such as fire, flood or earthquake. Find resources that will aid you as you develop your emergency plan.

  3. Fingerprinting

    The Arcata Police Department offers both inked fingerprinting and digitally scanned (Live Scan) fingerprinting services.

  4. Graffiti Abatement

    Graffiti is not art, it is a crime. Reporting graffiti to the police aids tracking and prosecution of vandals.

  5. Parking Enforcement

    The parking near downtown Arcata and near the Humboldt State University campus is in high demand by residents, students, and visitors. To ensure access to the downtown and campus areas is available to all on an equitable basis, the City of Arcata has created several specific parking zones.

  6. Permits / Licenses

    The Police Department issues several safety-related permits and licenses.

  7. Records Request

    Learn how you may make a records request.

  8. RUOK Program

    The "Are You Okay" program is designed to call with a prerecorded telephone message, at a designated time, to persons living alone.

  9. Vacation House Checks

    Vacation house checks are offered to Arcata City residents free of charge.

  10. Vehicle Abatement

    Abandoned vehicles are an unsightly, and many times a hazardous nuisance. The Arcata Police Department works to remove these vehicles as we become aware of them.

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