RUOK Program

RUOK (Are You Okay) Program
The "Are You Okay" program is designed to call with a prerecorded telephone message, at a designated time, to persons living alone. If the person does not answer the telephone call, the system tries again a few minutes later. If several calls go unanswered, an alarm goes off in the police dispatch center and attempts will be made to contact one of the listed emergency contacts. If the police department is unable to locate an emergency contact person, then the fire department will be asked to check on the resident.

Program Requirements
In order to participate in the program you must live within the City limits of Arcata, live alone, and be able to answer the telephone. In addition to providing us with emergency contact information, we will need you to provide a house key that will be placed in a secure lock box on your front door. The box will be installed by the fire department and will only be accessible to fire department personnel.

Contact for Questions

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact Beverly Bence at Arcata Police Department, 707-822-2428.

The RUOK program is provided through the cooperative efforts of the Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise, the Arcata Police Department, and the Arcata Fire Protection District.