What You Can Do

Energy conservation and energy efficiency are the first steps you can take to address climate change, air pollution, rising energy prices, and our dependence on fossil fuels. Energy conservation involves behavioral changes, such as adjusting the thermostat and turning off lights that are not in use. Energy efficiency involves the use of technology that utilizes energy more efficiently, such as fuel-efficient automobiles or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). The combination of conservation and efficiency will give you even more bang for the buck. Learn more by accessing the following:
Arcata Community Forest Carbon Offsets
Learn how you can become carbon neutral and support Arcata's community forest (PDF).
  1. Conserving Water

    Locate some steps you can take to conserve water.

  2. Energy Efficiency & Conservation Resources

    The City of Arcata encourages you to use energy as efficiently as you can.

  3. Energy Saving Tips

    Read through some helpful energy saving tips to improve your own energy conservation practices.

  4. Energy Upgrade Financing

    The following links provide information on incentives (i.e. rebates) for investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

  5. Renewable Energy

    While energy efficiency and conservation can do a great deal to help us lower our energy use, we will still need clean, reliable, sustainable sources of energy.

  6. Transportation

    The transportation sector accounts for over 40% of our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the City of Arcata.

  7. Water-Energy Connection

    Delivering water to and from your home is energy intensive.