About the Program
For many years, the City has been committed to improving the quality of urban runoff through the development of a proactive, comprehensive Stormwater Management Program that recognizes Arcata's unique position in the Humboldt Bay watershed and the need to protect our important natural resources. For more information, view the following plans:
Keep waste and debris out of storm drains, creeks and Humboldt Bay.

Storm Drains
Storm drains are meant to divert storm water from our streets and prevent flooding. They lead straight to creeks and Humboldt Bay without filtration. It is against the law to throw anything into the street, gutter or creek - like litter, leaves, cigarettes, pet waste, restaurant wash water or auto fluids like motor oil. If these items are in the street or gutter, they will wash into a storm drain and pollute our creeks and Humboldt Bay. Federal, state and local laws require that businesses and citizens put only rain down the drain!

So please, help keep our creeks and Humboldt Bay clean by not washing materials into streets and gutters.

Call the City at 707-822-8184 if you see any large or hazardous item in the street or gutter, or email reports.