Residential Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Storm drains are meant to divert storm water from our streets and prevent flooding.  They lead straight to creeks and Humboldt Bay without filtration.  Its against the law to throw anything in the street or gutter – like litter, leaves, restaurant wash water, pet waste, cigarettes or auto fluids like motor oil.  If these items are in the street or gutter, they will wash into a storm drain and pollute our creeks and Humboldt Bay.

So please, help keep our creeks and Humboldt Bay clean by not washing materials into streets and gutters.

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  2. Alternatives to Pesticides
  3. Compost Facility
  4. Household Waste Facility
For more information on ways you can reduce or eliminate pollutant discharges to the stormwater drainage system in your home or workplace visit the following links: 

Report Pollution

A toll free regional stormwater hotline operated by the Northcoast Stormwater Coalition can be called at 877-627-2001 to report active pollution or any other stormwater concerns. You may also call Arcata’s Environmental Services Department at 707-822-8184. For more information on the Northcoast Stormwater Coalition check out its website at Northcoast Stormwater Coalition.

Have additional questions or need assistance with BMPS or reducing stormwater pollution, please do not hesitate to contact the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department.