Cancellation & Refund / Credit Policy

    City of Arcata Recreation -Cancellation/Refund Policy-

    1. The City of Arcata issues full refunds/credits for any class or program cancelled by the
        Arcata Recreation Division.

    2. All customer cancellations must be submitted in writing* and incur a $5 Processing Fee.

    3. Customer cancellation refund requests must be submitted in writing*, at least one week prior
        to the start of the program. Refunds/credits are not given for individual days missed. “Make
        up Days” are not offered.

    4.  Exceptions to our policy requires you to complete a Cancellation/Refund Request Form.
    granted, refunds/credits are computed from the day the written request was received.
         Refunds are first applied to any household balance due.

    * Customer cancellations, refund requests and Cancellation/Refund Request Forms may be
       hand delivered, mailed (736 F St. Arcata, Ca 95521), faxed (707-825-2118), or emailed