The City Council appoints more than 90 community members to its various committees, commissions, boards and task forces. Currently, Arcata has 10 committees that provide advice and/or recommendations to the Council. The City Council is responsible for all final actions.

Staff Liaison

A staff liaison is appointed by the City Manager to assist each of the advisory bodies in carrying out their roles and to ensure compliance with protocol as defined by the following:
  1. Vacancies & Applications

    Interested community members are invited to apply for committee vacancies which occur as committee members resign or fulfill their terms.

  2. Economic Development Committee

    The Economic Development Committee consists of 7 members who have interest, knowledge or experience in banking, real estate, the arts, agriculture, small business, tourism, industry, commerce, building, housing, science and technology or employee relations.

  3. Energy Committee

    The Committee's primary function is to make recommendations and provide information to the City Council and Commissions regarding energy efficiency, energy conservation and conversion to greener energy sources.

  4. Forest Management Committee

    The Committee's primary function is to advise Council and Commissions in matters relating to forestry issues within the City-owned forest land, and review timber harvest plans for conformance with the goals and policies of the Forest Management Plan, Monitoring Plan and Recreation Plans.

  5. Historic Landmarks Committee

    The Historic Landmarks Committee was established in 2010, by the adoption of City Ordinance Number 1401.

  6. Open Space & Agriculture Committee

    The Open Space and Agriculture Committee makes recommendations on acquisition or protection opportunities for open space and agricultural lands and on sustainable agriculture.

  7. Parks & Recreation Committee

    The Parks and Recreation Committee's primary function is to advise the City Council and commissions on matters pertaining to public recreation, parklands, local and regional trails, art, literature, music and other related activities.

  8. Transactions & Use Tax Oversight Committee

    The Transaction and Use Tax Oversight Committee's function is to review historical spending from the general fund public works (streets) and public safety (police) activity budgets and to report in November of each year to the Council with recommendations for general fund expenditures from these activities.

  9. Transportation Safety Committee

    The Transportation Safety Committee's primary function is to review all transportation matters and make recommendations to Council, commissions and staff.

  10. Wetlands & Creeks Committee

    The Wetlands and Creeks Committee's primary function is to advise the City Council and commissions on matters relating to policies affecting the creeks, riparian areas, wetland, and tideland resources of Arcata.