Economic Development Committee

2017 Business of the Year Award

Each year, the City of Arcata honors a local business that demonstrates values of innovation, resourcefulness, collaboration and practices that support the community and our environment.  

The 2017 City of Arcata Business of the Year will be recognized at the Arcata Chamber of Commerce Membership Dinner in February 2017.

Regular Meetings

  • 5 p.m.
  • The 1st Thursday of every month or at the call of the Chair
  • Arcata City Council Chamber
    736 F Street
    Arcata, CA 95521


  • Vacancy 
    Term: 2019
  • Vacancy 
    Term: 2018
  • Maureen Hart
    Term: 2019
  • Rattnak Sokhom
    Term: 2018

  • Bryan Willkomm 
    Term: 2020
  • Jane Woodward 
    Term: 2020
  • Craig Wruck
    Term: 2018
  • Staff Liaison: Joe Mateer, Senior Planner

Foodworks Culinary Center - Economic Development in Arcata

The Economic Development Committee, was established in 1994 by the adoption of Arcata City Ordinance Number 1232 and amended in 1999 by Ordinance 1292. The Committee's primary function is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Council in matters pertaining to economic development; make recommendations to the Successor Agency (to the Redevelopment Board) with respect to redevelopment plans, projects and proposals; and review economic trends with powers and duties as outlined in Arcata Municipal Code Sections 2246 to 2250.

Powers & Duties

The powers and duties of the Economic Development Committee are as specified in the Arcata Municipal Code, Sections 2246 to 2250. These powers and duties are outlined as follows:
A. To serve in an advisory capacity to the Council, Commissions, or City staff as appropriate in matters pertaining to economic development, including but not limited to manufacturing, retail, tourism, business expansion and revitalization and agriculture.

B. To make recommendations to the Community Development Agency Board with respect to plans, projects and proposals affecting the Redevelopment Project Area and within the scope of the Redevelopment Plan.

C. To review economic trends and to make recommendations to strengthen the economic well being of the City.

Conflict of Interest
The Conflict of Interest Provisions of the City of Arcata Conflict of Interest Code, Title II, Chapter 8, apply to all Economic Development Committee members. Committee members must file California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Form 700s with the City Clerk's Office.

There are numerous potential conflicts of interest that may require an Economic Development Committee member to disqualify him or herself from participating in decision making. The Political Reform Act of 1974 (PRA) controls financial conflicts of interests of public officials and advisory bodies.

Economic Development Committee members must complete ethics training upon assuming office and every 2 years thereafter, as required by Government Code Section 53234, et seq. In addition, the City’s Municipal Code requires each member of the Economic Development Committee to file a Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) as administered by the California Fair Political Practices Commission, when assuming office, leaving office, and annually during their term of service.

Annual Reports to Council
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