Featured Projects

Building & Engineering Projects

  1. 2016 Annual Pavement Projects

    2016 Annual Pavement Projects

    Each year the City Council authorizes funding to repair and replace sidewalks and make improvements to Arcata's streets for pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicles based on need and analysis governed by the Pavement Management Plan.

  2. Old Arcata Road Design Project

    Old Arcata Road Design Project

    The Arcata Engineering Department is partnering with you, the community, to hear concerns about and get ideas for improving Old Arcata Road for pedestrians and bicyclists.

  3. Arcata Bicycle Boulevard

    Arcata Bicycle Boulevard

    The Arcata Bicycle Boulevard's purpose is to increase bicycle use as a more viable transportation alternative and to increase awareness of their use through creation and placement of specialized signage, striping and minor, landscaped bulb outs.

  4. Arcata Rails with Trails Project

    Arcata Rails with Trails Project

    The Arcata Rails with Trails Project includes the construction of 1 mile of Class I, ADA accessible, non-motorized, multi-use, paved trail.

  5. Foster Avenue Extension Project

    Foster Avenue Extension Project

    Find more information about the Foster Avenue Extension Project.

  6. Humboldt Bay Trail North

    Humboldt Bay Trail North

    The City of Arcata Rail with Trail Connectivity Project proposes to build the first half of that project as well as create connectivity throughout the City of Arcata.