Planning Commission - Hearing

Every planning permit request starts with a Planning Permit Application, which is supplemented by additional information needed to process the request.   NOTE:  Download all fillable forms first, then complete them.

Permits under the authority of the Planning Commission which require a public hearing are listed below, with the most common listed first.  There are links to information and checklists to help you submit a complete application. We encourage you to speak with a planner if you have any questions.

The deposit for Planning Commission Action with a Public Hearing is $4,400.

Planning Commission with a Public Hearing Permits:

Coastal Development Permit
Hillside Development Permit
Interpretation / Determination
Minor Use Permit or Amendment
Planned Development Permit or Amendment
Subdivision - 5 or More Parcels
Use Permit or Amendment
Alteration / Demolition – Discretionary

Additional Links and Information:

Design Review Information
Site Plan may be required for some applications.
See the Hazards Map for a map of property subject to a Hillside Development Permit
See the Tentative Map Checklist for Subdivisions

NOTE:  Download all fillable forms first, then complete them.