Welcome, HSU Students!

Welcome to Arcata!

We are proud that you are pursuing your life goals here at Humboldt State University. Like HSU’s community, Arcatans care deeply about protecting the environment and building a more just society. We appreciate what you bring to our city, which is the uniqueness of you. We honor and embrace your diverse backgrounds; they help us create a better community. While you’re here, I encourage you to get to know your city and neighbors and to share your ideas to help our populace further instill the values of human dignity and moral responsibility.

Things to Do in Arcata:

Helpful Tips & City Info:

  • Want to work part-time for the City? Sign up for eNotifications or contact HSU’s Center for Service Learning & Academic Internships or your Department Chair to find out about interning with us. 
  • When moving in or out of dorms or apartments, remember our local thrift stores and recycling centers. They have great deals, some of them pick up large furniture donations, and your purchases help non-profits do amazing work.
  • I invite you to come to an Arcata City Council, committee or commission meeting. This is your government at work and your participation is welcome. All meetings are free and open to the public..
Whether you are a local or a newcomer, I know you will love Arcata as much as I do through your experience at Humboldt State University and the community of Arcata. See you around town!

Mayor Paul Pitino