Circulation Element

General Plan Circulation Element Update

The overall theme of the General Plan Circulation Element is achieving a balanced transportation system. The following is based on the recent modeling conducted and other information collected to inform the Circulation Element update.

Circulation Element Guiding Principles and Goals.

  1. Provide a transportation system which allows safe and efficient travel. 
  2. Create a transportation system which provides a choice of travel modes.
  3. Provide for increased use of alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle, including walking, bicycling, public transit, carpooling/vanpooling, and ridesharing.
  4. Manage the street and highway system to promote more efficient use of existing capacities rather than increase the number of travel lanes. 
  5. Create a transportation system which will improve the livability of residential neighborhoods, including use of methods to calm or slow traffic and reduce through-traffic on local neighborhood streets.
  6. Educate residents, employees, and students about the importance of using alternative forms of transportation instead of the single-occupant automobile.
  7. Promote land use patterns that encourage walking, bicycling, and public transit use.
  8. Establish a set of curb parking prices that are high enough to maintain an adequate supply of available spaces.

 Review the Circulation Element Update here.

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