Public Facilities and Infrastructure Element


The City's Public Facilities and Infrastructure Element guides Arcata's integrated waste management program; Educational and Public Facilities; Stormwater and Wastewater Collection and Treatment; and Water Supply and Delivery System. 

Public Facilities and Infrastrucutre: Guiding Principles and Goals.

  1.    Provide an adequate water supply and delivery system for day-to-day and emergency needs.
  2.    Maintain the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary as an exemplary model of how natural systems can be effectively and efficiently used to treat and reclaim wastewater.
  3.    Utilize natural systems and processes for managing stormwater.    
  4.    Advance waste diversion goals set forth in state mandates and the City’s Zero Waste Action Plan.
  5.    Promote lifelong learning by supporting educational facilities and programs at all levels.
  6.     Recognize that public facilities are gathering places for social, cultural, political, educational, and entertainment events and celebrations, and that these facilities are important components of the community’s identity. Protect public civil and Constitutional rights in Arcata’s public sphere, and especially on City property and public rights of way, and in any facility that receives City support. 

Planning Commission December 12 2023 Recommendation:

Public Facilities & Infrastructure Element (clean)


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