Lounge / Forest Camp
Forest / Lounge Camp

Campers choose to start their day at Lounge Camp OR Forest Camp, then switch at 1 o'clock to the other camp! Either way, campers get a little bit of both camps each day!

Ages: 5 - 8 years
Times: 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Weekly Fees: $155 / $167 non-resident
Locations: Redwood Lounge / Stage Area
                   Stage Area / Redwood Lounge
                   All in Redwood Park.

Drop-off and pick-up times are staggered.
We are excited to offer this new camp pairing. These active, full-day camps will engage your 5-8 year old. Campers explore the Arcata Community Forest and discover the unique landscape and habitat for all life forms that live and grow within its expanse. Send your camper with a healthy snack, lunch, and water everyday.

Lounge / Forest Camps
Dates & Themes 2020

Week 3: June 29 - July 3

Superheroes / The Fuzzed and the Feathered

Week 4: July 6 - 10
Out of this World / Sun-Powered Fun

Week 5: July 13 - 17
Pirates of the Redwoods / Nature Art

Week 6: July 20 - 24
Blast from the Past / Nature’s Neighborhoods

Week 7: July 27 - 31
Under the Sea / Crawl, Swim, Buzz, and Flutter

Week 8: August 3 - 7
Summer Safari / Summer Safari / Adventure Camp Jr.

Week 9: August 10 - 14
Around the World in Five Days / Wonderful Water

Week 10: August 17 - 21
Spies Like Us / Nature’s Superheroes

Forest Camp Themes 2020

  • Week 3  June 29 - July 3     
    The Fuzzed and Feathered

    This week we discover the fuzzy and feathery friends that call the Redwood Forest home. We learn about mammals and birds of the forest, and the special skills they have to survive.
  • Week 4   July 6-10             
    Sun-Powered Fun

    What eats and breathes but has no mouth? Plants! From the giant redwood tree to the fuzzy moss on the forest floor, this week we learn all about our “photosynthesizing friends” and their role in the forest community.
  • Week 5   July 13-17           
    Nature Art

    Art is all around us, and anyone can be an artist! This week, we explore nature through art. We use natural materials to make art inspired by our beautiful forest, and learn to see the art found in nature itself.
  • Week 6   July 20-24           
    Nature's Neighborhoods
    From the wind and weather to the furry and feathered, each part of nature has a special role to play. This week, we learn about the communities of the redwood forest, and how each living and nonliving thing in the forest works together in what we call an “ecosystem.”
  • Week 7   July 27-31           
    Crawl, Swim, Buzz, and Flutter
    This week, we take a closer look at the little ones of the forest. Creatures like the famous banana slug, the rough skinned newt, and the butterflies and spiders all have an important role to play in the forest community. We learn about reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates that call the forest home.
  • Week 8   August 3-7          
    Adventure Camp Jr.

    How would you live in the forest? This week, we dive into adventure skills! We learn skills like basic tracking, shelter building, and how to use our “deer ears” and “owl eyes” to stay alert in the forest.
  • Week 9   August 10-14      
    Wonderful Water
    This week, we learn the value that water has in balancing the bountiful ecosystem and its role in the natural world. We learn all about water and the critters that call the wet wonder “home”!
  • Week 10   August 17-21      
    Nature's Superheroes

    You, yes you, can be a superhero! This week, we learn how to be a superhero for nature. We explore how humans can sometimes hurt nature, and discover some superpowers we can use to respect and help nature.

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