• Enrollment Opens Wednesday, April 14 at 9 a.m. •

Teens (13-17 years) Become a Leader-In-Training  (L.I.T.)
Gain job experience while having fun!

When you become an L.I.T. at any of our summer camps, you'll work with youth ages 5 to 12, helping plan and lead summer camp activities! You'll have the opportunity to gain real life work experience and leadership skills all while having fun in the sun. Leader-in-Training Program experience can also count towards community service and looks great on a college application. 

  • Fees: $18 per week / $20 per week for non-resident fees *Fees include one T-shirt.
        OR $90 for five (5) or more weeks / $100 non-resident  
                *Additional T-shirts available for $7/each. Sweatshirts can be purchased for $26/each.
  • Ages: 13 - 17 years     Must be 13 years old by June 14, 2021
    OR      If you are a former Arcata Recreation Camper and you will turn 13 by this fall, you may be eligible to work at camps serving our younger age groups! Contact us to find out!
    REMEMBER! L.I.T.s must be older than the age range listed for the camp.
 How do I enroll as an L.I.T.?
  • Determine the camps and dates in which you would like to enroll.
  • Decide if you want to enroll in half-day camp or full-day camp each week.
  • Complete and submit the L.I.T. Application/Contract along with a 2021 registration form (below) via email, mail or fax.
  • Enroll via phone, email, mail, drop-off, or fax with the Recreation Office.
    Full Payment is Required at the time of enrollment. Exceptions must be approved.
  • Online enrollment is not available to L.I.T.s at this time. Pardon any inconvenience.
HALF DAY: Enroll for a half-day morning or half-day afternoon at any one camp location.
FULL DAY: Enroll for a full-day and stay with one group of campers as they switch between camps.
In order to reduce exposure, L.I.T.s cannot work with more than one group of campers in a week.  

L.I.T. Application / Contract(PDF)
Must be completed by all Leaders-in-Training.

Youth Master Registration Form 



Must be completed by all Leaders-in-Training.  

Summer Camp Chart (PDF)
Use this chart to pick and chose which camps and weeks you would like to attend