Bid Ordinance

Article 3-Informal Bidding for Public Projects
(Ordinance 1327, effective December 7, 2001)

Section 2420 Purposes
Pursuant to Resolution No. 012-09 (effective August 2, 2001), the City Council duly elected to become subject to uniform construction cost accounting procedures as set forth in the California Public Contracts Code, Section 22000 et seq., the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act. By making such election, the City may follow an informal bid process to award contracts by public projects, as defined in the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act, for contracts up to the monetary limits as set forth in the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act. The purpose of this ordinance is to implement the authorized informal bidding protocol.

Section 2425 Qualified Contractors
  • A. List of Contractors - The Purchasing Agent shall maintain a list of qualified contractors, identified according to categories of work. Minimum criteria for development and maintenance of the contractor’s list shall be determined in accordance with criteria established by the California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission.
  • B. Notice - All contractors on the list for the category of work being bid and construction trade journals as specified for Humboldt County by the California Uniform Cost Accounting Commission shall be mailed a notice inviting informal bids unless the product or service is proprietary.
  • C. Time for Notice - All mailing of notices to contractors and construction trade journals shall be completed not less than 10 calendar days before bids are due.
  • D. Description of Notice - The notice inviting informal bids shall describe the project in general terms, how to obtain more detailed information about the project, and state the time and place for the submission of bids.
  • E. Award of Contract - The City Council hereby delegates the authority to award informal contracts to the Purchasing Agent for public project contracts in the amount of $25,000 or less. Informal contracts for public project contracts in an amount greater than $25,000 shall be awarded by the City Council.