Zoning Administrator - Hearing

Every planning permit request starts with a Planning Permit Application, which is supplemented by additional information needed to process the request.  You will find checklists and other information for some permit types.

If you are having trouble completing the application, download the fillable forms first, then complete them.

Permits under the approval authority of the Zoning Administrator (with a public hearing) are listed below, with the most common listed first.  There are links to information and checklists to help you submit a complete application.  We encourage you to speak with a planner if you have any questions.

The deposit for Zoning Administrator Actions with a Public Hearing is $1,802.24.  The deposit amount increased on 07-01-19.

Zoning Administrator with a Public Hearing Permits:

Coastal Development Permit
Hillside Development Permit
Parcel Map - Parcel Division into 4 or Fewer Parcels
Minor Use Permit or Amendment
Planned Development Permit or Amendment
Alteration / Demolition – Discretionary
Emergency Permit

Additional Links and Information:

Design Review Information
Site Plan may be required for some applications.
See the Hazards Map for a map of property subject to a Hillside Development Permit.
See the Tentative Map Checklist for Minor Subdivisions.
The City Vegetation Management Protocol provides information about nesting birds for tree removals.

NOTE:  Download all fillable forms first, then complete them.