Zoning Map

City of Arcata Zoning Map

The City of Arcata Zoning Map identifies the locations of the City’s various zoning districts. This map is helpful in determining where activities are allowed throughout the City.  See Chapter 2 of the Arcata Land Use Code to learn about the allowable land uses in each of the City’s zoning districts.

To check the zoning in Arcata:

  1. Go to the City's GIS Parcel Finder.
  2. Insert an address in the top left search field
  3. Open the Layer List.
  4. Place a check in “Land Use-General Plan” then “Zoning (LUC)”
  5. Place a check in the "Zoning (LUC)" box. You should see the map turn different colors which represents the different zoning districts.

Zoning Map Instructions