National Historic Preservation Month 2020

The National Trust for Historic Preservation's theme is "This Place Matters."  We are fortunate to have so many place that matter in Arcata.

May is National Historic Preservation Month, and Arcata has some great things going on.

What does "Historic Preservation" mean?  It is the role the City takes in endeavoring to preserve, conserve, and protect buildings, objects, landscapes, and other objects of historical significance.  Ensuring that historic properties are maintained and honored in our community helps to revitalize neighborhoods, foster local pride, and maintain Arcata's character.

Here are some ways you can be involved with National Historic Preservation Month in Arcata . . .

#1 - Check out the signs describing historic sites in and around Arcata's downtown:

Arcata Plaza
Women's Temperance Fountain
Emily's House
Smith-McKenzie House
PreservationMonth_5-3-2021 (003)

#2 -Read up on Wiyot Tribal Cultural History and present day cultural activities here:

#3 - Get involved on social media by following @arcatahistory on Instagram or following the Historical Sites Society of Arcata Facebook page featuring "Then and Now".