The Village Housing Project Archives

View a PDF of the Staff Presentation made at June 6 City Council meeting.

Download the PowerPoint Staff Presentation.

See a Before and After Photo Simulation of 2nd and 3rd Story Views

The Village Revised Plans - 06-06-18

Architectural Site Plan

Two-Story Elevation A

Two-Story Elevation B

The Village Units

The Village Units - Combined

Shadow Study

The Village Landscape Plan

E-Urban Elevation

Shadow Study

An Updated Final Environmental Impact Report, dated May 10, 2018, can be viewed here.

Appendices A - P of the EIR:

A - Notice of PreparationB - Scoping Meeting MemoC - Operations & Management Plan
D - Industrial Market AnalysisE - Cultural Resources (Confidential)F - View Shed Analysis
G - CalEEMod Air Emission Model ResultsH - Exterior Noise AnalysisI - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
J - Phase II Investigation ReportK - Water & Wastewater ImpactsL - Central Arcata Areawide Traffic Study
M - Geotechnical InvestigationN - Preliminary Stormwater ReportO - Biological Review
P - Wetland Delineation

The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR), dated April 6, 2018, can be viewed here.

A hard copy of the Updated Final EIR can also be found in these locations:

  • City Hall, Community Development Department
  • Arcata City Library
  • Humboldt State University Library

Other Available Documents

Revised 12-18-17

Before and After Photo Simulation

Process Exhibit

Shadow Analysis Exhibit

Story poles are up (click if you want information about what story poles are).

Photo Simulations - Click Images for Larger Views  (Excerpts from the Draft EIR Chapter 2.6 Aesthetics)

Existing Highway 101 NExisting Sunset On-rampExisting Maple Lane
Figure 2.6P_101 N - Existing SMFigure 2.6R_Sunset N On-Ramp - Existing SM Opens in new windowFigure 2.6T_Maple Lane - Existing SM Opens in new window
Proposed Highway 101 NProposed Sunset On-ramp Proposed Maple Lane
Figure 2.6Q_101 N - Proposed SMFigure 2.6S_Sunset N On-Ramp - Proposed SM Opens in new windowFigure 2.6U_Maple Lane - Proposed SM Opens in new window
Shadow Analysis 12-18-17Process Information Exhibit 12-18-17
Shadow Analysis Exhibit SmallProcess Exhibit Small