Walking & Biking

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Community Vision

The City of Arcata continues to work towards creating a friendly place for pedestrians and bicyclists to live, work, play, and visit. The City also recognizes the benefits of walking and bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation resulting in reduced carbon emissions and increased health benefits for all members of our community. 

According to the 2000 Census, an estimated 20% of trips in Arcata are done on foot or bike. Although this percentage is high, the City of Arcata made it a goal to work towards achieving 50% of all trips that begin and end in Arcata being made by non-motorized modes by year 2020.

Bike Trails and Lanes

The City of Arcata provides a network of on-street and off-street bikeways to encourage alternate modes of transportation for both commuting and recreational purposes. The City's Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (2010) illustrates the network of existing and proposed shared-use paths, pedestrian trails, and bikeways. 

In addition, the Humboldt County Association of Governments published the Humboldt County Regional Bicycle Plan in 2018. This regional plan aims to facilitate projects and programs that will help build a bikeway system that makes bicycling throughout Humboldt County a safe, convenient, and practical means of transportation for all residents and visitors. 

The Natural Resources Services Division of the Redwood Community Action Agency recently developed a new bike map for the Humboldt Bay Area. The map details bike routes, services, and points of interest throughout the Humboldt Bay Area. You can view an online version of the map by clicking here.

Featured Projects

  • Arcata Bicycle Boulevard - Bicycle boulevards are streets where all types of vehicles are allowed, however, the roadway is modified to enhance bicycle safety and convenience. 
  • Arcata Rails with Trails - The scope of this project includes the construction of 1 mile of Class 1, ADA accessible, non-motorized, multi-use, paved trail that runs from north Arcata, through the City to just north of U.S. Highway 255. 
  • Humboldt Bay Trail North - The Humboldt Bay Trail is a network of paved paths connecting the communities around Humboldt Bay. 
  • Old Arcata Road Design - Old Arcata Road is a significant route to Bayside and Sunny Brae. The redesign process will include making Old Arcata Road more bike and pedestrian friendly. 
  • Safe Routes to Schools - The City has partnered with the National Center for Safe Routes to School to improve children's safety while walking and biking to school. 

Zagsters Are here! 

The City of Arcata, as well as Humboldt State University, has partnered up with Zagster, a company that manages bike sharing programs. The program officially launched when the first station opened on HSU's campus in September of 2017. Three stations currently exist throughout Arcata. One station is located on the plaza near Hotel Arcata. The other two stations are located on the HSU campus - one outside of Griffith Hall and the other at the Jolly Giant Commons (please refer to the HSU campus map). Three additional stations in Arcata are currently in the works. 

All anyone needs to use the bicycle sharing program is access to Zagster's smartphone app. The app provides three different riding options. 

  1. Pay-As-You-Go: Charges $1 per every 30 minutes and up to $20 per ride.
  2. Annual Membership: Charges a one-time $30 fee for the year. Trips under an hour are free, and annual members are charged $1 for every 30 minutes after that hour.
  3. Student Annual Membership: Valid for students, faculty, and staff of Humboldt State University. There is a one-time $20 membership fee for the year that allows riders to take trips under one hour for free. Each hour after that costs $2 per hour.

For more information visit Zagster's Bike for the City of Arcata and Humboldt State University