Food & Yard

Food Waste

Using the Humboldt Waste Management Authority 2011 Waste Characterization Report’s annual tonnage data, approximately 2500 tons (32.4% of the currently disposed waste) is made of food waste and compostable paper. As a resident, you can help divert this waste through backyard composting! Composting is not only good for the environment, but it can also help reduce your garbage bill. Additionally, compost returns nutrients to the soil and improves soil fertility, aeration, and moisture retention.

Soil Savers

If you have a backyard, patio, balcony, or any small outside space, you can purchase a composting bin, or build one yourself! See our Backyard Composting Made Easy brochuSoil Saverre for more information on backyard composting. 

The City of Arcata sells the Soil Saver, an 11.5 cubic foot (28"x28"x32") capacity home composting vessel for $35. This high-quality backyard composter is made of black 100% recycled heavy-duty weather-resistant material that won’t crack, rust or rot. The Soil Saver can be purchased at the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department. You must live within city limits and present water receipt/bill or rental contract/ receipt. Renters must obtain approval from their landlords or property owners prior to purchase. 

Some people living in an apartment complex or any other shared/communal area may sometimes not have any outside space to compost. If you are in this situation, we highly encourage you to work with your neighbors and talk to your landlord/property manager to implement a communal composting in a shared space.

Yard Waste  

Curbside Pick Up by Recology Arcata

Prevent yard waste from going to the landfill by taking advantage of Recology Arcata’s Green Waste collection service! Get details and sign up for services today.

Drop-Off at Wes Green Company

Drop off yard waste at Wes Green Company. Wes Green Company takes green waste and unpainted lumber. 

Recology Arcata customers can bring in 24 1-yard loads (or fewer larger loads) every calendar year.  Drop-off volumes of less than one full cubic yard will be “rounded-up” and counted as the use of one cubic yard/drop-off use on the customer’s account. Once a customer’s account reaches 24 cubic yards in one calendar year, the standard fee of $11.00 per cubic yard will apply until the annual allotment resets on January 1, 2023.

To establish a green waste drop-off account, Recology Arcata customers will need to physically go to Wes Green Company with a current Recology Arcata bill and personal ID to register in Wes Green’s system. When registering, an account customer may list ONLY two user names per account. Non-listed users will not be permitted to drop off green waste at “no charge.”  Please note: Should you choose to add a landscaper or landscaping business as an authorized user, green-waste material delivered under your account may contain material commingled from other customers and reduce your overall annual “no charge” allotment.

Wes Green Company is located at 6360 Wes End Road. For additional information on its services, call 707-822-8035. Access the Google map for mapping details to the facility.

If you have questions regarding the green waste drop-off program please call the Environmental Services Department at 707-822-8184 or email  

Arcata residents can pick up a backyard composter at a discounted rate of $35!

Soil Saver - Outside