Measure A

Measure A: Protects, Preserves, Maintains and Expands Arcata's Parks, Trails and Natural Open Spaces

Arcata Community Forest Courtesy of HSU

What is Measure A?

Arcata voters will see Measure A on their ballot for the General Election scheduled on Tuesday, November 3. Measure A would allow the City to levy an annual special tax of $37 per parcel to fund protection, preservation, maintenance and expansion of Arcata’s parks, trails and natural open space areas for future generations. 

A YES vote implements an annual special parcel tax (beginning July 1, 2021) that will provide approximately $175,000 of additional funds each year to protect, preserve, maintain and expand Arcata’s parks, trails and natural open space areas now and into the future. Current funding is insufficient to fully address the demands for parks, trails, and protection of natural open space lands. Additional dedicated funding will help leverage state and federal grants.

In January 2020, a survey was conducted by FM3 Research to see what the view of Arcata voters would be on a potential parks measure. Click to view the survey results. Some key findings are half of voters use a park, recreation area or trail in the city at least several times a week, more than seven in ten Democrats and Independents support the measure, and those that support this measure overwhelmingly cite valuing the environment as their top reason for voting yes on this measure.

Argument in Favor of Measure A

City Council Resolution and Proposed Municipal Code Section explains the purpose, collection of tax and tax rate, use of tax revenue, accountability and more.

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What the Tax Funds:

  • Protection of natural open space near creeks, rivers, and streams to prevent pollution and improve water quality.
  • Preservation of redwood forests, wildlife habitat, working lands, scenic hillsides, and agricultural land.
  • Maintenance and improvements of parks, natural open spaces, and trails.
  • Expansion of public access and trail systems.

Near-Term Projects to Benefit from Measure A:

  • Developing connector trails throughout town linking neighborhoods for safe bike and pedestrian connectivity.
  • Providing public access to the Mad River north of Giuntoli Lane.
  • Building and maintaining the Annie & Mary Trail.
  • Maintaining and expanding the Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary to increase coastal access.
  • Improving trails in Redwood Park and the Arcata Community Forest including a bike pump track.
  • Implementing the Redwood Park Master Plan.
  • Purchasing conservation easements to protect forested hillside habitat, urban creeks, and open space.
  • Implementing the Arcata Western Greenbelt working with Humboldt County and private landowners to protect agricultural lands in the Arcata Bottom.
  • Improving water quality in Jolly Giant Creek.
  • Protecting working lands within Jacoby Creek Watershed.
  • Upgrading neighborhood parks and special use parks such as the Arcata Skateboard Park.

A NO vote does not implement an annual special parcel tax dedicated to funding improvement, acquisition and maintenance of Arcata’s parks, trails, open space areas, wildlife habitat, agricultural lands, and water quality.

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