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General Plan Update and Local Coastal Program Update

Planning Commission Review of the General Plan and Gateway Area Plan. The City of Arcata Planning Commission is continuing to work through various chapters of the draft Gateway Area Plan and General Plan at its regularly scheduled planning commission meetings, which take place the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 PM. These meetings can be attended in person or via Zoom at this time. The Planning Commission will also continue to review the Local Coastal Program through 2023.  Agendas for upcoming meetings can be reviewed here.

Committee Review of the General Plan and Gateway Area Plan.The City of Arcata's nine City Committees continue to work through various chapters of the draft General Plan Updates at their regularly scheduled meetings. These meetings can be attended via Zoom at this time. Agendas for upcoming meetings can be reviewed here.

Form-Based Code Public Workshops. Staff is in the process of scheduling more public engagement opportunities with the City’s design consultant, Ben Noble, on the draft Form-Based Code for the Arcata Gateway Area. These sessions cover design standards proposed to regulate building scale and massing, building heights by zone, parking, open space, community benefits, and more.  Two presentations in this series are now complete and can be veiwed on the City's YouTube channel, here.   

Environmental Review. The City is currently working to prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to support updates to the General Plan and the Gateway Area Plan and associated zoning changes needed in order to implement the General Plan. Director David Loya presented information regarding the  City's assumptions for the environmental analysis, which can be can be viewed on the City’s SIRP YouTube channel, here. 

Below is a calendar of engagement opportunities undertaken since the August 23rd joint study session of the Planning Commission and City Council. Additional past Planning Commission and Committee Meetings where Gateway Plan topics have been reviewed, as well as agendas for upcoming meetings, can be watched on the City's website, here. 

Future hearing dates listed in the table below are subject to change. 

Meeting DateHearing BodyGateway Plan Chapter(s)General Plan Chapter

Relevant Meeting Materials
August 23, 2022Planning Commission and City CouncilAll
Poll Results-PC/CC

Poll Results-public
September 08, 2022Forest Management Committee
Open Space and Resource Conservation Elements
September 13, 2022Planning Commission 

Community Benefits

September 27, 2022Planning Commission 

Community Benefits

October 11, 2022Planning Commission 

Concerns with proposed height polling-public
October 12, 2022Parks and Recreation Committee
Parks and Recreation Element
October 25, 2022Planning Commission 

Solutions polling-public
Concerns-Solutions DRAFT
November 08, 2022Planning CommissionConcerns/Solutions
Gateway Concerns and Solutions - FINAL
November 09, 2022Parks and Recreation CommitteeOpen Space and Conservation

November 09, 2022Historic Landmarks Committee
Historical Preservation Element
November 15, 2022Planning CommissionCommunity Benefits
Mural Board Exercise Results 
November 15, 2022Wetlands and Creeks Committee
Open Space and Resource Conservation Elements
December 13, 2022Planning Commission
Parks and Recreation Element 
December 20, 2022Transportation Safety Committee
Transportation/Circulation Element

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