Open Space Element


Arcata’s open spaces take many forms and serve a variety of functions.  Open space contributes to the community’s character and provide natural, recreational, and visual resources for community use and enjoyment.  Open space is valuable for both passive and active uses.  Designating or otherwise protecting lands as open space provides for: protection of natural habitats and species; managed production of natural resources such as agricultural and forest products; recreational uses; coastal access; scenic, aesthetic resources; and avoidance of development on such areas as steep slopes, faults, and flood zones.  Open space is also valuable for preserving scenic views and other aesthetic considerations.  Open Space networks are enhanced when  natural biological corridors, greenways, easements, parks and other connections are linked.  Open space categories are described in more detail below, and mapped on Figure OS-a of the draft Open Space Element. 

Planning Commission December 12 2023 Recommendation:

Open Space Element (clean)


View the July 11 2023 Open Space Element (clean) here.

View the July 11 2023 Open Space Element (tracked changes) here.