What are some ways I can reduce my organic garbage?
  1. One way to reduce food waste is by cutting down on the amount of food you buy.   You can do this by meal prepping (planning the week’s meals), buying only the amount you need for one meal, using partially used vegetables and fruit first when making a meal (putting these in a clearly designated spot in your refrigerator in a clear container can help), repurpose leftover food such as vegetables and meat in sauces or soups.   Freeze any extra food for a later date, especially meat, cheese and tofu.  
  2. When evaluating your food waste, one viable solution is to consider donating extra food to food pantries, since this allows it to still be used and gives back to your community.
  3. Another strategy is to switch out disposable products for reusable ones.  Such as using cloth napkins or towels instead of paper.

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