What is the Single-Use Disposable (SUD) Foodware Ordinance?

Ordinance No. 1527 was passed to align with the city's Zero Waste Action Plan. This ordinance will help reduce the use of single-use plastic foodware that contributes to street litter, marine pollution, harm to wildlife, waste sent to landfills, and greenhouse gas emissions. The main points are as follows: 

  • Food vendors with proper dishwashing capacity must use reusable foodware for onsite dining. 
  • Accessory foodware must be provided upon request or at a self-serve station. Example of accessory foodware include but are not limited to: straws, stirrers, napkins, cup sleeves, spill plugs, and more.
  • All single-use disposable foodware, including accessory foodware, must be fiber-based compostable and free of poly-fluorinated chemicals (PFAS) 
  • Food vendors must charge a $0.25 fee per order for food served in disposable foodware. For example: if a customer orders a burger and a drink, they would only be charged $0.25 extra for the entire order, not for each disposable. 
  • Food vendors must offer at least a $0.25 discount per order for customers who bring their own reusable foodware for takeout. For example: if a customer orders two coffees and brings a reusable mug for each, it is only $0.25 off the order.

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1. What is the Single-Use Disposable (SUD) Foodware Ordinance?
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