How many copies of the plans do I need?
The number of plan sets required is based on the number of agencies that must review your project. One set will be returned to the permit applicant as the "Job Copy," 1 set will be retained by the jurisdiction and 1 set, by law, must be retained for the County Assessor.

Compare your proposed project with the review responsibilities. Follow the instructions in each section, total the number of sets as applicable, and submit that number of plan sets with your permit application.

Two sets of plans are the minimum required for Building Division Review. This is for projects that require review only by the Building Inspection Division, when there is no addition of square footage. An additional set is required for the Humboldt County Assessor.

If your project is for a commercial, industrial or multifamily use or for a building containing hazardous materials, 1 set of plans is required for review by the Fire Department, add 1 set of plans. If your project is being plan checked by an outside plan checker, i.e. commercial projects or apartments over 4 units, add 1 set of plans.

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