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SSVR Renewal Application

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  2. Thank you for submitting your SSVR Renewal Application.

    You will be required to attach the following documents with this application. Once all required documents have been received, we will issue your renewal permit after arranging for payment of the renewal fee.

    1. Copies of TOT Returns.
    2. Photo of the Emergency Contact Number Sign.
    3. Backup for Exemptions, if applicable.

    If you have any questions, please email us at

  3. Is your Mailing Address the same as your SSVR Address?*
  4. Identify Your Exemption, if applicable*
  5. Do you use a Property Manager for this rental?*
  6. Upload copies of your Transient Occupancy Tax Returns that covers the period you rented your Short Stay Vacation Rental. City staff will not obtain returns on your behalf – it is your responsibility to submit them with your application.

    In addition to ensuring the TOT Returns were filed with our Finance Department, we use these to confirm that the “Active Permit” requirement has been met of being occupied for more than 29 days within the fiscal year.

    If you have not met the 29 day requirement, please upload a written narrative explaining your situation. We will take it under consideration.

  7. Upload a picture of your signage. You will not be issued a permit if you do not have adequate signage. Hand drawn paper signs or other temporary signs that are not durable and weather resistant do not meet the intent of this regulation and will not be considered adequate. Please submit a photo of signage that meets the City’s regulations per Municipal Code Sec. 6303.B.: 

    B.    Emergency Contact. Operators shall post contact information for a twenty-four (24) hour emergency contact at each Vacation Rental. Signage shall be visible from the public right-of-way facing the front of the property and posted within ten (10) feet of the back of walk or edge of street. Signage shall be no larger than twelve (12) inches by sixteen (16) inches. The point of contact shall be a person with authority to immediately address emergencies and/or neighborhood impacts.

    We have received feedback from several operators about this requirement. Currently, the enacting ordinance requires a sign with a 24/7 emergency contact number for an operator to manage complaints from the neighborhood related to the use of your unit as a short stay vacation rental. The sign must be visually accessible from the public right-of-way.

  8. Upload a copy of your current Declarations page from your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy or your current tax bill that shows the homeowner’s exemption. 

    If you do not submit evidence, you will not be eligible for the exemption and may be placed on the wait list if the cap has been reached.

  9. Upload a copy of a current lease or rental agreement with a tenant.

    If you do not submit evidence, you will not be eligible for the exemption and may be placed on the wait list if the cap has been reached.

  10. BY TYPING MY NAME ABOVE, I am signing this application electronically and certifying that I have reviewed this application. I, as the property owner, approve of the use of the property for the purposes stated in the application. I declare under penalty of perjury, and risk of permit revocation, that the information contained herein is correct and complete. I agree to comply with all City and County ordinances and State laws relating to building construction, health and safety, and any requirements related to conducting the operations described herein. I hereby authorize representatives of this City to enter upon the above‐mentioned property for inspection purposes upon reasonable notice, and acknowledge that inspection refusal may result in permit revocation. 

    Furthermore, by electronically signing below, I agree to inform the Community Development Department of any change to the status of the conditions stated on this application form. I acknowledge that a change in status may be grounds for non‐renewal or revocation. I agree to comply with the Permit Issuance Requirements per Arcata Municipal Code Section 6303.

  11. If you manage the SSVR on behalf of the property owner, please complete and upload the Short-Stay and Vacation Rental Permit Application Form that includes the Property Owner's signature and approval.


    Once we confirm receipt of all required documents, we will contact you for payment of the renewal fee. Please note that incomplete submittals will delay issuance of your renewal permit and may result in assessment of additional fees.

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