Composting & Green Waste Resources

Composting valuable organic materials such as food, garden and grass clippings, brush, untreated wood, and food-soiled paper can build healthy soils, keeps materials out of the landfill, conserves water and energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and helps grow our local economy!

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Organics Waste Reduction

Soil Savers

If you have a backyard, patio, balcony, or any small outside space, you can purchase a composting bin, or build one yourself! 

The City of Arcata sells the Soil Saver, an 11.5 cubic foot (28"x28"x32") capacity home composting vessel for $35. This high-quality backyard composter is made of black 100% recycled heavy-duty weather-resistant material that won’t crack, rust or rot. The Soil Saver can be purchased at the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department. You must live within city limits and present water receipt/bill or rental contract/ receipt. Renters must obtain approval from their landlords or property owners prior to purchase. 

Some people living in an apartment complex or any other shared/communal area may sometimes not have any outside space to compost. If you are in this situation, we highly encourage you to work with your neighbors and talk to your landlord/property manager to implement a communal composting in a shared space.