Landscaper or Gardener

The Best Management Practices (BMPS) below can help your business prevent pesticides, yard waste and other pollutants from entering storm drains and local waterways. Follow these steps to make sure your business is in compliance:

  • Review BMPs for the landscaping industry.
  • Select the BMPs and resources below that are right for your business.
  • Share the appropriate BMP resources with your employees.

For information on non-toxic alternatives in landscaping, view the City of Arcata Pesticide Reduction Plan (PDF)

Green Waste Drop Off

2023 Update (as of May 18th, 2023)

Steve Morris Logging took over the green waste drop-off and composting agreement with Humboldt Waste Management Authority as of April 1 when they bought the Wes Green Company. The new business is now only accepting drop-off green waste at their Glendale location (1500 Glendale Drive) where they have a certified scale. Recology Arcata customers who live within city limits can take Greenwaste and unpainted lumber to the Glendale location for drop-off. Please ensure no dirt or sod is mixed in with your green waste drop-off as these materials cannot be accepted or composted. 

To learn more please visit our compost and green waste page!

  • 1500 Glendale Drive
    Arcata, CA 95521
    Phone:  707- 822-8537


Compost bins are also available to businesses and residents within Arcata city limits at a cost of $35. Proof of residency is a City of Arcata water bill/receipt or rental contract/receipt. Business must also provide a completed Business Request Form.  For tips on composting, view the brochure Backyard Composting Made Easy (PDF). For more information, visit our Composting and Green Waste page.