Venue Rentals

Are you looking for a space to rent for your meeting or special event? Our facilities can host a small group of up to 30 or a large party of 600 guests or more. The Recreation Division manages the rentals of the Arcata Community Center, D Street Neighborhood Center, Library Conference Room, Redwood Lodge, Redwood Lounge, Picnic area in Redwood Park, Gazebo and Bocce Courts in Larson Park and the Sports Fields. Many facility rentals require insurance.

Rental Agreements may create a Possessory Interest and require the renting party to pay the required Humboldt County Property tax for the time that the renting party has exclusive rights to City tax-exempt facilities.

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Venue Fees/Deposits & Insurance Requirements

The City of Arcata encourages zero waste events.

Facility Use Permits must be submitted at least 
30 days in advance.

Submit Permits To:

City of Arcata Recreation Division Office
736 F Street
Arcata, CA 95521
Phone: 707-822-7091
Fax: 707-825-2118

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