Transportation Safety Committee


Regular meetings of the Transportation Safety Committee take place the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:30 PM in Arcata City Hall’s Council Chamber, located at 736 F Street.  Additional meetings will take place at the call of the Committee Chair.

Agendas & Archives

Meeting agendas and agenda archives for the Transportation Safety Committee can be found here

To review the Transportation Safety Committee's Annual Report Archive from 2006-2015, click here.

Committee Members

MembersTerm Expiration
Nia Tikoo2026
Mishka Straka2026
Peggy Martinez2026
Dave Ryan2024
Wendy Ring2024
Korina Johnson2024
Genevieve Serna2024
David CaisseCity Staff Liaison

Overview of Committee Duties

The Transportation Safety Committee’s powers and duties are fully outlined in Arcata Municipal Code, Sections 2242 to 2245.The Transportation Safety Committee's primary function is to review matters related to transportation in Arcata. Committee members make recommendations to the City Council, the Planning Commission and City staff. The Committee consists of 7 members who have interest in all modes of transportation including walking, bicycling, skateboarding, driving and public transit. Of the 7 members, 5 must live within Arcata City Limits and 2 may live or work in the Arcata Planning Area.

 H Street 2012 by Rick DonaldsonSafety Tips

Check out the following safety tips provided by the Transportation Safety Committee:

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