Wetlands & Creeks Committee


Regular meetings of the Wetlands & Creeks Committee take place the 3rd Tuesday of every odd-numbered month at 6 PM at the Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center, located at 569 South G Street.  Additional meetings will take place at the call of the Committee Chair.

Agendas & Archives

Meeting agendas and agenda archives for the Wetlands & Creeks Committee can be found here.

To review the Wetlands & Creeks Committee's Annual Report Archive from 2006-2020, click here.

Committee Members

MemberTerm Expiration
Bob Brown, Chair2024
Chris McAuliffe2024
Vanessa Metz2023
Jack Murphy2024
Wes Smith2022
Jeremy Svehia, Vice-Chair2022
Krystle Heaney
Emily BenvieCity Staff Liaison

Overview of Committee Duties

The Wetlands & Creeks Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council, Commissions and City Staff in matters relating to the policies affecting creeks, riparian areas, wetland and tideland resources of Arcata. Members of this Committee make recommendations to City staff on the management of vegetation, recreation, wildlife and fisheries of the City-owned wetlands and creek zones, including the Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary, in addition to making recommendations on City-sponsored creeks and wetlands resMarsh Explorers Camptoration and enhancement projects.

The Wetlands & Creeks Committee’s powers and duties are outlined in Arcata Municipal Code Sections 2238 to 2241.

This Committee consists of 7 members who have interest, knowledge or experience in wildlife, fisheries, watershed management, wetland ecology, wetland or riparian botany, water quality and/or Arcata's creeks. Of the 7 members, five must live within Arcata City limits and 2 may live or work in the Arcata Planning Area.