Home Occupation Regulations

Any person conducting a home based business must fill out and submit a Home Occupation Affidavit (PDF).

Land Use & Development Guide

Section 3-0201 Home Occupation

Section 3-0201 Purpose
These regulations are intended to prescribe under which limited business activities may be conducted in residential districts when incidental to residential uses.

Section 3-0202 Definitions
(a) A home occupation is defined as any use which is customarily carried on within a dwelling by the inhabitants thereof and which is clearly incidental and secondary to the residential use of the dwelling.

Hospitals, sanitariums, antique shops, eating establishments, bakeries, barber shops, beauty shops, construction yards or garages, teaching of organized classes totaling more than six persons at a time, and animal hospitals shall not be deemed to be home occupations.

(b) "Other home business" is the term used to describe businesses operating within a dwelling unit on the basis of an approved Conditional Use Permit for the purpose.

Section 3-0203 Standards & Requirements for Home Occupations

(a) Area. A home occupation shall be confined completely within the dwelling and shall not occupy more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the living area of the dwelling.

(b) Sales. No sales of merchandise other than that produced on the premises or merchandise directly related to or incidental to the occupation shall be allowed.

(c) Employees. Employment shall be limited to the members of the family occupying the dwelling, with no other person employed.

(d) Signs. There shall be no outside display or window display of materials or products; no outside sign or window sign shall advertise or otherwise identify the home occupation except for one non-moving and non- illuminated sign with a display surface of not more than two square feet, and which is attached flat to a building, fence or wall. Freestanding or projecting signs are not allowed for home occupations.