City Council Goals 

The City Council sets overarching goals for the City of Arcata.

Development & Approval

The City Council goals are developed during open, public study sessions and adopted after final deliberations at a noticed City Council meeting each year. 

Printable City Council Goals

Facilities & Infrastructure

The purpose of these goals is to enhance appearance, public safety and livability of the city.

  • Improve infrastructure and facilities
  • Improve transportation and circulation systems
  • Provide service for citizen safety and comfort
  • Encourage community beautification and public art

Environmental Leadership

The purpose of these goals is to provide leadership in environmental progress of the city.

  • Increase local energy independence 
  • Strive to achieve zero waste
  • Develop non-motorized transportation routes
  • Support open space and ecosystem functions
  • Improve water resource management

Sustainable Development

The purpose of these goals is to improve local economy through business support.

  • Improve community services for business development
  • Improve linkage between energy needs and resources
  • Support a living wage and encourage investment in workforce satisfaction

Public Service

The purpose of these goals is to improve the quality of service to the public.

  • Respond to the needs of our citizens
  • Increase opportunities for community engagement
  • Improve technological capabilities of the City

Citizen & Community Health

The purpose of these goals is to support community creative and cultural life.

  • Support healthy eating and active living programs
  • Provide recreation opportunities for all citizens
  • Support diverse housing opportunities
  • Support essential human services, as applicable

Prepare for Future Needs

The purpose of these goals is to provide educational opportunities for citizens and staff.

  • Provide leadership developing strategies for climate change
  • Use best available science for future planning

Council Policy Objectives

1. Develop policies and support community organizations that provide services that improve the quality of life in Arcata and events that promote Arcata as a “livable community.”

2. Maintain benefits, labor standards, and improve workplace safety and conditions for City Employees.

3. Promote an energy efficient and pedestrian friendly transportation web between neighborhoods emphasizing pedestrian, bicycle, and alternative modes of transportation.

4. Promote efficient use of energy and use of renewable energy in buildings, facilities and infrastructure in Arcata.

5. Implement the Capital Improvements Program to City infrastructure.

6. Strengthen partnerships with Cal Poly Humboldt, College of the Redwoods, local schools, civic and professional organizations.

7. Address expanding land management needs including updating Forest Management Plan and Non-Industrial Timber Management Plan.

8. Develop strategies in response to the changing needs of youth, teens, students, families and seniors.

9. Maximize opportunities for public participation and civic engagement.

10. Collaborate with other jurisdictions and non-profits to maximize regional effectiveness and increase funding opportunities.

11. Maintain contacts and open communication with representatives at various State and Federal levels.

12. Incorporate smart growth technology, design, principles and practices in the advancement of a sustainable city.