Vacancies & Applications

The City Manager’s Office announces commission vacancies as they become available.

Vacancies on the Planning Commission are announced 90 days prior to term expiration,  and commissioners are encouraged to re-apply for their seats.

Term Expirations

Term expiration information can be found in the Arcata Municipal Code Title II, Chapter 3. 

Current Vacancies

There are currently two upcoming vacancies on the Planning Commission.

Please review the packet below for more information or to apply:

General Application

If you would like to apply to serve on a commission that has no open vacancies, please fill out this application form  and mail or deliver it to:

Attn: Commissions and Committees

Arcata City Manager's Office

736 F Street

Arcata, CA 95521

You will be notified when a vacancy arises. Thank you for your interest in serving our community.


Unless otherwise expressly provided under specified sections for each commission and committee in Arcata Municipal Code Title II, Chapter 3, all boards, commissions and committees shall be comprised of 7 members. No less than 5 members shall be residents of the City of Arcata and the remaining 2 must live or work in the Arcata Planning Area. For more information on City limits and the Arcata Planning Area, please review the documents below:


The City Council interviews all qualified Commission applicants. A majority vote of the Council is needed to be appointed to a City commission.