Residential Rental Inspection Program

On March 1st the Arcata City Council unanimously approved the Residential Rental Inspection Program (RRIP). All one- and two-family rental units are subject to the RRIP, exemptions include multi-family apartments, mobile home parks, and new construction within the last 5 years. Registration will open July 3rd for property owners and property managers through a dedicated online platform. 

Between now and open registration in July, City Staff will conduct outreach to inform all Arcata residents about the impacts and requirements of this program. An informational flyer will go out with the May utility billing and a letter will go directly to the owners of non-owner-occupied residential properties in the City. The flyer and letter will have detailed information regarding the RRIP.

Goal of Residential Rental Inspection Program 

The purpose of the Residential Rental Inspection Program is to address the issue of substandard long- term rental properties, promote greater compliance with health and safety standards, and preserve/enhance the quality of Arcata’s neighborhoods and available housing. The program achieves compliance of health, safety and welfare code violations in/on residential rental properties that are a threat to the occupant's safety, structural integrity of the building, and a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.


A long term rental is a building or portion of a building that is rented or leased to tenant for residential purposes on a non-transient basis for thirty (30) consecutive days.