Graffiti Abatement

Reporting Graffiti
Graffiti is not art, it is a crime. Reporting graffiti to the police aids tracking and prosecution of vandals. If you see any individual vandalizing any property with graffiti, please call the Arcata Police Department Communications Center at 707-822-2424 with an immediate report.

To report locations of unsightly graffiti, contact the Arcata Police Department Tip Hot Line at 707-825-2587. Police department employees will contact property owners to ask that graffiti be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Crime Prevention
The Arcata Police Department recognizes the frustration felt by property owners when they are vandalized. Specifically, graffiti is a taxing problem because it can occur repeatedly in the same area. We are all acutely aware of the negative message graffiti sends to the public. It presents a picture of apathy and decay. It can result in reduction of property values and may discourage new businesses and families from moving into, and investing in, a neighborhood. When an area is hit again and again by graffiti blight, citizens feel the area is not safe and it serves as a welcome mat to more serious crime.

We know that immediate and aggressive clean up of graffiti works! Research has shown that prompt and persistent removal of graffiti is effective in discouraging repeat vandalism. A vandal’s objective is to have their "tag" seen by others. They gain notoriety at your expense. Removing or covering up graffiti before the offender reaps recognition can prevent your property from becoming a known "good" site.

Preventing graffiti reduces citizen fear and improves business patronization and community pride. Remember: the difference between art and graffiti is permission! Don’t give yours!