Rebate, Incentive, and Assistance Programs

This page offers overviews of significant rebate, incentive, and financing programs dedicated to advancing home and business electrification, as well as enhancing energy efficiency. Additionally, assistance programs are outlined aiming at providing support for utility expenses for those in need.

Rebate and Incentive Programs Include:

  • RCEA
  • Federal Tax Credits
  • PG&E
  • TECH
  • California Golden State

Assistance Programs Include:

  • CARE
  • FERA
  • AMP

Financing Programs Include:

  • PACE
  • FortiFi
  • HERO
  • REEL

Details on each program provided below!


Rebate and Incentive Programs

Redwood Coat Energy Authority (RCEA)

RCEA rebate offerings are dependent on available funding. Amounts and offerings may change at any time. Rebate amount is determined by the values listed on the RCEA webpage on the date a complete rebate reservation form is received (optional) or a complete application and all supplemental documents are received. Rebates are for current RCEA electric customers only.


Submit a Customer Interest Form to find out what actions you can take to save energy and reduce emissions as well as additional services you are eligible for. Visit RCEAs rebates and resources webpage!


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  • Electric Cooktop Replacing Natural Gas or Propane - $150-$400
  • Heat Pump Clothes Dryer Replacing Gas - $350-$450
  • Combination Washer with Heat Pump Clothes Dryer Replacing Gas - $450-$550
  •  Electric Clothes Dryer Replacing Natural Gas or Propane - $150-$190
  • Heat Pump Pool Heater Replacing Gas - $1,000-$2,000
  • Heat Pump Clothes Dryer Replacing Electric Clothes Dryer - $350-$450
  • Electric Clothes Dryer - $50-$100
  • Electric Clothes Washer - $50-$100
  • Room Air Clearers - $10-$100
  • Room Air Conditioner - $50-$100
  • Refrigerator - $50-$100
  • Cooking Equipment Replacing Existing Electric - $150-$250
  • Dishwasher - $100
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation - $1,300-$2,800


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  • Convection oven - $500-$1,000
  • Electric Fryer - $4,000
  • Electric Dishwasher - $800-$5,000
  • Electric Ice Machine - $150-$550
  • Refrigerators and Freezers -$40-$850
  • Efficient Agricultural Ventilation Fan -$50-$250
  • Heat Pump Water Heater - $100-$600
  • Heat Pump -$100-$600

Federal Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act has created and adjusted several federal tax credits for a variety of home improvements. Please note that tax credits can be complex and the actual amount you receive may differ depending on your individual tax situation. Consult a tax professional to understand what these credits mean for you. Additionally, many of the credits have very specific definitions and requirements for equipment efficiency and performance. Visit the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 webpage!

  • Solar Tax Credit - 30% of cost for solar panels and solar storage batteries
  • Electric Vehicle Tax Credit - New- Up to $7,500; Used- Up to $4,000 (Credit amounts differ depending on the vehicle purchased).
  • Electric Vehicle Charger Tax Credit - 30% up to $1000 

Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit (available starting 2023-2032)

This credit covers 30% of the cost for eligible projects with various maximums. This program has an annual maximum of $1,200, meaning that in an individual year, the combined credits from this program cannot exceed $1,200. There is one exception to the annual maximum: in years where a heat pump HVAC system or heat pump water heater are installed, the annual maximum is raised to $2,000..

  • Heat Pump HVAC - $2,000
  • Heat Pump Water Heater - $2,000
  • Insulation and Air Sealing - $1,200
  • Windows - $600
  • Doors - $250/door ($500 aggregate)
  • Electrical Work - $600
  • Energy Audit - $150

How to claim the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit

File Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits Part II, with your tax return to claim the credit. You must claim the credit for the tax year when the property is installed, not merely purchased.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)

PG&E provides resources to rebates and incentives that may be available to you. Visit PG&E Rebates and Incentives webpage!

Technology and Equipment for Clean Heating (TECH)

TECH Clean California incentives are available for single-family HVAC projects and heat pump water heater incentives. The program is offering a $1000 rebate for heat pump HVAC systems. with up to two incentivized systems per home for a maximum of $2,000. For heat pump water heaters an incentive between $3,100 and $10,385 is available. Water heaters must be set up to provide electrical demand response and load shifting. To be eligible for TECH rebates you must work with a TECH participating contractor. Incentives are distributed to contractors and passed through to homeowners. Visit The Switch Is On webpage!

  • Ducted Heat Pump -$ 2,000
  • Ductless Heat Pump HVAC - $2,000
  • Heat Pump Water Heater - $6,385
  • Electrical Panel - $4,000

High-Efficiency Electric Home (HEEHRA) & Home Efficiency (HOMES)

Created by the Inflation Reduction Act to provide upfront rebates for electrification and efficiency improvements. This program will be run by the California Energy Commission and is not yet operating. These rebates are expected to become available in 1-2 years.

HEEHRA will provide upfront rebates (at time of payment) for the projects listed below. The program will cover 50% of project costs for moderate-income households and 100% of project costs for low-income households up to the maximums listed below. Individual households can receive a maximum of $14,000 through the program. There are no annual limits, the rebates can be received at any time until October 2031. Visit the California Energy Commision webpage.

  • Heat Pump HVAC - $8,000
  • Heat Pump Water Heater - $ 1,750
  • Electrical Panel - $4,000
  • Electrical Wiring - $2,500
  • Electrical Dryer - $840
  • Electrical Stove - $840
  • Insulation/Envelope Upgrades - $1,60o

California Golden State Rebate Program

The Golden State Rebates program is funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. CA Golden State Rebate Program provides coupons for energy efficient home upgrades. 
How to use coupons:
  • Browse and select a product.
  • Verify your eligibility and create an account.
  • Choose retailer and add coupon to cart.
  • Receive coupon via email and redeem with purchase at the retailer you selected. 

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Assistance Programs

California Alternate Rates for Energy Program (CARE)

Care is a PG&E discount program that helps eligible customers pay their energy bills. A monthly discount of 20% or more on gas and electric is provided through the CARE program. Participants qualify through income guidelines or if enrolled in certain public assistance programs. Review the CARE guidelines and apply here!

Family Electric Rate Assistance Program (FERA)

FERA is a PG&E discount program that helps eligible customers pay their energy bills. A monthly discount of 18% on electric only is provided through the FERA program. Must be a household of three or more people. Participants qualify through income guidelines. Review the FERA guidelines and apply here!

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is a federally funded one-time help program for low-income households. LIHEAP can provide up to $1,000 in aid for customers who are struggling financially. Learn about local Humboldt County resource agencies helping with LIHEAP here! and Review LIHEAP guidelines here!

Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help (REACH)

REACH is a federally funded one-time help program for low-income households. REACH offers one-time financial assistance for up to $1,000 to qualified customers with past-due bills. Review REACH guidelines here!

Arrearage Management Plan (AMP)

AMP offers up to $8,000 in unpaid balance forgiveness to qualifying PG&E customers who owe at least $500 or more on their gas and electric bill or at least $250 or more on their gas-only bill for bills that are more than 90 days past due. Review AMP guidelines here!

Financing Programs

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

The PACE program authorizes local governments to provide up-front funding to eligible property owners for energy efficiency upgrades, water conservation improvements and renewable energy systems. PACE can pay for new heating and cooling systems, lighting improvements, solar panels, water pumps, insulation, and more for almost any residential, commercial, industrial, nonprofit and agricultural property. PACE financing enables homeowners to make energy- and water-efficiency improvements and pay for them through their property tax bill. Property owners repay the assessment over 5 to 20 years and the interest is tax-deductible. Homeowners can use PACE financing to renovate projects that can increase their property values, lower their monthly utility bills, and contribute to making our community more energy independent. Visit Renew Financial webpage to learn more!

The City of Arcata participates with the following PACE financing companies:


FotiFi offers homeowners $0 down, non-credit score based financing for energy-efficient home improvement projects, including air-source heat pumps. Up to 20% property value ($250,000 maximum), up to 30-year repayment term depending on project. Individual products have maximum dollar caps. Visit FortiFi webpage to learn more!

Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO)

Affordable, fixed-rate financing with no money down for energy-efficient products, including HVAC. Maximum funding determined using property value and available equity, up to 25-year repayment term depending on project. Learn more here!

The Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL)

Competitive, fixed-rate financing with no money down for energy-efficient products. Up to $50,000 maximum per residential unit for lenders with a FICO score, up to $35,00 for lenders without a FICO score. Visit Go Green Financing to learn more!