Carbon Sequestration & Other

You are invited to help sequester carbon by buying carbon offsets from the Arcata Community Forest. Access an online or printable application. The City of Arcata oversees multiple programs and projects that actively sequester carbon:

  • Arcata Community Forest Management - The Management Plan emphasizes carbon sequestration by growing trees on extended rotations, designating reserves and adding forest acres that could otherwise be developed.
  • Riparian Forest Establishment - Established more than 100 acres of new riparian forest along creeks and bottom lands.
  • Salt Marsh Project - The McDaniel Slouth Marsh Restoration Project sequesters additional carbon on its 240-acre site. This project is a case study that will be used to help develop sequestration protocols for salt marsh restoration activities.
  • Urban Forestry Program - Active program to expand planting of trees in the urban landscape including parks, roadside greenways, and the downtown area (i.e. the Plaza).