Short-Stay and Vacation Rentals

Short-Stay and Vacation Rental (SSVR) Permit Applications will be accepted beginning March 22, 2021. The SSVR Permit applies to units rented for 29 or fewer days per month, including VRBO and AirBnB rentals, whether they are separate units, or rooms within a home.  

In addition to the SSVR Permit, operators must obtain an Arcata Business License and Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Certificate. SSVR Permit Applications are processed by the Community Development Department. Business Licenses and TOTs are processed by the Finance Department.

How to Apply:

  1. Submit SSVR Permit Application.  Make sure that all areas of the application are complete, and provide the required documentation if applicable. 
  2. Pay the SSVR Permit Fee.  Payment may be made by check or over the phone with Mastercard or Visa.  See "Fee to Pay" below.

Fee to Pay:

The SSVR Permit Fee is:

  • $50.00 for the initial SSVR Permit Application
  • $20.00 for each renewal application of an SSVR Permit

How to Submit:

  1. Finance Dropbox in front of City Hall:  Place a completed application and check for the SSVR Permit Fee in an envelope marked "SSVR Application" and drop it in the Finance Dropbox in front of City Hall, next to the blue USPS mailbox.
  2. Mail:  Mail a completed application and check for the SSVR Permit Fee to: City of Arcata, Community Development Department, 736 F Street, Arcata CA 95521.
  3. Email:  Email the application and applicable documentation to Make sure to provide your phone number so City staff can call to obtain your Mastercard or Visa payment.
  4. Electronic Dropbox Upload the application and additional documentation to a secure Dropbox.  If you choose this method, make sure to provide your phone number so City staff can call to take your Mastercard or Visa payment.  Please scan all information and upload as one file.  Upload the document at:

Forms & References


On February 17, 2021, the Arcata City Council adopted Ordinance No. 1543 which establishes permit requirements, including a limit on the total number of permits that may be active at any time, and other regulations intended to ensure the safe and orderly conduct of short-stay, vacation, and other similar businesses in the City of Arcata. These regulations are also intended to ensure that only a limited proportion of the City’s housing stock, which would otherwise be used for long-term residency, is converted to short-stay use.

Keep Informed

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If you have further questions, please contact the Community Development Department at or #707-822-5955.